Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trust your creative resources for whole person marketing

“Thinking out of the box” has become an overused phrase for identifying and promoting creativity.

However, helping and healing professionals with the whole person perspective know that we are more than thinkers. We also see, feel, move, touch, talk, laugh, argue and gather. Approaching creativity in a multi-dimensional way gives us greater opportunity to advance our businesses in authentic ways.

Self presentation — which most people call marketing — can be a growth-producing adventure rather than a dreaded chore when it is approached with creativity and imagination.

Adding the creative perspective helps us to move away from the hurried and pressured standard of competition and view the world as a place of unlimited possibilities. Energy is not focused on battling the other but rather on bringing our special skills forward.

With trust in our own resources, we can respect the talents that our colleagues bring and know that we also have much to offer from our unique perspectives. With the belief that “no one can take what I have,” we even may want to work collaboratively with the people we may have once viewed as competitors.

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